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You may not control all the events that happen to you, but you can decide not to be reduced by them.”

—Maya Angelou

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Are you struggling with issues related to trauma, grief, addiction, anxiety, or major life changes? What's wrong with me" "I'm tired of this" "No one understands me" "Will things stay like this forever", are these some of the thoughts that run through your head? If so I am here to help you understand and assist you in getting a better understanding of what is going on in your life.


For some of us life can bring some significant challenges, stressors or transitions that just have "you stuck" in unproductive patterns as it relates to relationships, work, school or just life in general. I am a Clinical Social Worker who wants to help people transform personal challenges into life-enhancing opportunities.

I primarily work through a CBT lens as well as motivational interviewing, etc. I have experience in treating Anxiety Disorders, Depression, and trauma. I have skills treating & working with multi-cultured, multi ethnic & disenfranchised families, I offer individual and family therapy, group work & culturally specific services.


As a therapist, I am here to listen, support & work collaboratively with you through your journey as you discover your strengths & develop a sense of hope & motivation to take action to improve your life situation, utilizing the resources within & around you. This is a team effort!


Meet Jonicia June 

I am a Clinical Social Worker born and raised in Portland, OR. I have worked in the field of clinical social work for the last four years with a specific focus and passion of serving youth and their families.

I recognize the need to offer a clinical insight in treating symptoms related to depression, anxiety, trauma, other mood disorders, adjustment disorders and negative behavioral presentation. I have provided support services in several settings, such as The Morrison Child and Family Services, residential services in Troutdale and Lifeworks Northwest's Intensive Community Based Treatment Services in St. Johns as well as The Pioneer Program as their Class Room Qualified Mental Health Provider.

I have proven to be passionate about working with youth of color and their families and have an empathic understanding of the various barriers and challenges youth of color and their families face with addressing concerns of mental illness and stress. I am motivated in re-framing the thought that those of color do not seek counseling and turning that thinking around. I have worked as a Social Service Worker, Multicultural Coordinator and other social work positions around youth in school settings.  I provide cultural responsive and specific services which allows me to work with families through a lens that is both honoring and respecting as they seek assistance in a system of a dominant culture.

Meet Jonicia
My Approach


I proudly serve all racial and ethnic groups. Likewise, my services are for all beliefs, cultures, genders, identities and customs.


Additionally, I am extremely passionate about dispelling the myth around mental health in communities of color.

Client focus

Child's Therapy: Ages 7-9

Adolescent Therapy:

Ages 10-19 years old

Adult & Couples Therapy

treatment orientation

Cognitive Behavioral (CBT)


Emotion Focused

Strength Based



Trauma and PTSD








Relationship Issues

Sexual Abuse


Self Esteem

Women’s Issues


Mental health is an investment. We must budget these services into our lives like we do our pampering needs. Please do not let the cost deter your motivation. Reach out if you have a specific circumstance that may require a customized finance plan. 

Average Cost (per session): 

$125 – $200

Sliding Scale: Available

Accepts Insurance: OHP, Care Oregon, 


Contact: 971-263-3879

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